"Serving the Refugees of Fresno County since 1991"


Self-Sufficiency Project (SSP)


  • Prepare participants for work
  • Assist participants in finding a job
  • Help participants become self sufficient and get off welfare

Target Population

  • Refugees and former refugees who are on CalWORKs and have been in the United States for more than five years
  • Refugees include: Hmong, Lao, Cambodian, Russian, Vietnamese, and others

Core of Program

  • Abide by the Welfare-to-Work (California's version is CalWORKs) rules and regulation of Fresno County - Employment and Temporary Assistance Department.
  • Monitor client's progress and CalWORKs activities during client's participation in CalWORKs. There are many opportunities for these participants. History and education of our clients are first and foremost taken into consideration as part of the assessment. The project offers: Appraisal, Job Search/Job Readiness, Assessment, Vocational Training, Education, Self-initiative Plans, Work Experience, Job Development Retention, and Community Service.
  • We also provide monthly workshops for clients for educational, motivational, mental health, social adjustments, financial management, connecting to resources, etc.
  • Assist participant through the Financial Sanctions and curing the sanctions to get back on cash aide for CalWORKs services.
  • Provide supportive services to participants to help remove barriers that may hinder participant from becoming self-sufficient: child care, transportation, educational/vocational expense.


Bla FangProject Coordinator

Phone (559) 255-8395 Ext 213

Email blafang@fresnocenter.com

Lang YangJob Retention Specialist

Phone (559) 255-8395 Ext 231

Email lyang@fresnocenter.com

Cassandra MouaJob Developer

Phone (559) 255-8395 Ext 212

Email cassandra@fresnocenter.com

Chao Zang HerJob Developer

Phone (559) 255-8395 Ext. 209

Email chaozangh@fresnocenter.com

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